My mum died in October last year aged 71 of lung and brain c

My mum died in October last year of brain and lung cancer and her birthday is the 10 of march which this year happens to be Mother’s Day I am dreading this I miss my mum so much it feels like I am dying myself

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Hi @Shazer I’m so sorry to hear this.

I know what you mean - my mum passed away recently and it’s also her birthday coming up a couple days before mother’s day. It’s so awful, my first ever without her.

I still bought my mum a card, and plan to write in it to her, and go out for a meal with my husband to celebrate her on her birthday. I know it’ll be terribly sad because she’s not here, but I feel a bit better knowing I’m still celebrating the wonderful person she was/is. I don’t know if writing a card to her with your thoughts will help you but it’s an idea. Especially if there is anywhere special you can take it and read it.

Take care x



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