My mum has passed away

My mum passed away a week ago and I really can’t believe that I’m not going to see her beautiful face again. She was only 51, far too young to be taken from me. I’m not silly, and I know things will get easier over time but at the moment it’s just so hard. I miss her so much.

Hello Sarah,
Losing your lovely mum at such an early age is so hard for you.
At any age it’s hard , my mum died in December, and I still want to phone her and talk to her.
Your mum is that special person who loves you whatever you do and is always there for you. She is still there for you and slways will be in your life.Try to think of what she would say or do.
Take your time to grieve for her, if you can bear to maybe make a special photo album to keep close.
Was there something or somwewhere special you went together? I find walks comforting or watching the birds in the garden.
It must be so hard I hope you have somebody you can talk to who understands what’s it’s like. So many people don’t unless it’s happened to them. Take care of yourself. Jx

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Hi Sarah Louise,

I’m sorry you’ve lost your mum, I lost my mum nearly 2 months ago so I know exactly how you feel.

There’s no words that can describe the feeling of it, it’s one of the worst periods of life losing your mum is, but as Dalejackie said, there’s loads of people in our lives that don’t understand the pain until they go through it themselves.

It’s a long road ahead, but a few things that have helped me over the past month is remembering the good times and that she had a life full of love, keep sentimental things, my mum had a Russian wedding ring that my dad had split and one given to me, my brother and my sister, so I have it on a chain around my neck so it’s always close to my heart, and I know you’re probably dreading the funeral if it hasn’t happened yet as I was, but I look back on it with a smile now as it was a beautiful service (even with my 3 year old autistic nephew shouting out lol) so many people turned up and the sun came out despite weather forecast saying it was going to rain and be grey that day! You’ll look back on the funeral with love in your heart, even if it may not seem like it now.

It will hit you at random moments and come in waves but your mum is always with you, you’ll get stronger over time but look after yourself, cry when you need to and feel blessed to have had such an amazing mumma xx

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