my mum is extremely suffering with grief

my mum lost her closest sister on xmas day few years back, first loss within 9 sibling family and it has hit her very hard. another sister who had minor stroke which changed her life for the worse is also similarly affected by the bereavement.
does anyone have advice on how to care for close relatives who are bereaved?

From personal experience can I suggest that you give your mother and her sister chance to talk to you if they want to. They may or may not want to talk about her actual death or events leading up to it. I’m sure they’d welcome the chance to talk about her life, look at photos, shared memories about her as a person and her life.
Don’t try to "fix things " nobody can fix this.
I’ve had all the " join a club, do voluntary work, you’ll feel better in time "etc. Etc. Those don’t help and make me feel worse.
Could you honour her birthday in some way? have a family meal , a memorial - tree, special rose, make a photo album ( online ones are great) .
Would your mother like to journal about her sister’ s life in a special book? Maybe to give to get sister’s children if she has any.
So many people want you to "get over it "
How can somebody share your life since childhood and then they’ve gone ?
Keeping her sister’s memory alive as part of her life now may help her.
Continuing Bonds is one of the grief theories that helps some people.
I hope something here helps. Sadme


My Aunty is suffering badly from losing my mum. So I ring her every week and we talk about mum. I sent her photos of mum. Lots that she had never seen before. I haven’t done it lately as I’m struggling to look at photos. So we also visit mums favourite places when I’m back in town. It’s so hard for those left behind. X

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