My mum passed suddenly on 22.10.16.

I’m finding it hard to imagine the rest of my life without mum. She had a severe asthma attack and died, an otherwisemail healthy young looking 60 year old. How do you cope?

So sorry to hear about your mum dying Jane. My mother and I had been estranged for some while before she died and I wish I could have felt more. When my wife, Helen, died eight weeks ago, though, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Everyone’s reaction has many similarities but we all seem to have our different ways of experiencing it. People say don’t bottle up your grief which is good advice. I must admit I couldn’t if I tried at the moment, I cry everyday. I think we all have to be honest and say sometimes we cope and sometimes we don’t. There will be others with more practical posts than this but in the meantime I am sending a big hug from me.

Hi Jane

So sorry to read this. That’s awful for you and your Mum quite young still,

Three and a half months on since my lovely Mum passed away and i still cry everyday, i wake up thinking of her and go to sleep thinking of her. Existing more than coping i feel at present.