My mum rip

My mum is 50 and had stage 4 copd but she kept fighting but her health deteriorated I nearly lost my mum 5 years ago on Christmas eve but came down with double pneumonia and nearly died on Christmas day but she was a fighter and came home 14 days later she was on oxygen 24/7 it was clear that this illness had taken a lot more from us then just her health it had taken away her diginity right down to her ability to walk farn and struggling in pain and to take the next breath in she had 30% lung function she loved going to the gym and the hydro and she went to the day centre at the hospice she kept fighting and proving the Dr’s wrong every time she went down hill she bounced back she was admitted into hospital on 24th April 2021, suffering with pancreatitis her oxygen levels where up and down she was looking forward coming home and on 4th May 2021 she took turn for the worst she ended up on 15 littres of oxygen but her body had no fight in her and oxygen started to drop few hours she fell unconscious and at 9.42pm on 4th May 2021 this cruel illness took the last from her as she passed away peacefully in her sleep

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Hi Barney, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your Mum, she was so young and sounded a real fighter, 50 is far too young an age, and it must of hit you hard, nobody loves you like your Mum, I lost my Mum at what I thought was a young age, not as young as yours, and I was so angry, especially when I saw other people out and about with their Mums, who were obviously a lot older than mine was when she died, eventually I started to accept it, but I still miss her even now, things will get easier eventually, look after yourself, love Jude xx

Hi my name is Lisa, barney is my dogs name lol thank you soo much yeah she was young she was a proper fighter she nearly died a few times and came back fighting it did hit me really hard me and my mum did a lot together we was always there for each other i just feel really lost without her now and doesn’t seem real that she is gone was really shocked coz she was arguing with Dr’s the day she passed about coming home then afternoon we got a call to go and say our goodbye I’m really sorry about your mum, hope your coping OK and I know it’s hard I’m finding it really hard, thank you look after yourself too, love lisa xx