My mum

My mum is suffering from last stage Altzheimers she looks so vulnerable and I cant help her. She has looked after me all my life and I cant protect her

Dear T123,

Seeing your mum like that must be very difficult for you.

My mum did not have Alzheimers, but became very depressed when my dad died.
You feel so hopeless when you see someone you love suffer and can do so little to make things better. She twice had a fall and broke a hip. The second time she did recover and we sadly lost her in September 2018. Watching her body getting thinner and weaker was heart breaking at times. I understand what you mean with wanting to protect your mum when she is so vulnerable.

Is your mum at home or is she in a care home? Does she still know who you are and respond to you? What are you finding the most difficult? Are you getting support from anyone? Have you looked at the website from the Alzheimer’s Society and the support they could give?

I am sure you are doing all that you can for your mum. You can be her voice to those who care for her, because you know her best.

It is good that you have come to this site where you will find people who will understand what you are going through. You have posted in the ‘coping with bereavement’ category. You may get more replies if you post in the ‘end of life’ category and mention Alzheimer in the title that you give your post. Feel free to post as often as you want.

Sending a big virtual hug your way at this difficult time in your life