My mum

I lost my mum last October and the pain is indescribable, even now! I miss her so much.

I woke up this morning and actually tried to facetime her, obviously I wasn’t successful, it’s kinda of worried me though why did I do that?

As anyone else ever done anything like this?

Thanks in advance x

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You’re still fairly early in the grieving process that your mind hasn’t accepted that she’s really gone yet- it’s a perfectly normal thing to do, don’t worry :slight_smile: I think losing our Mums is the worst pain anyone can go through, so there’s really no ‘normal’ timeline to be ‘done’ with the grief.

I still have random ‘chats’ with my Mum, 4 years in (in to thin air, ofc, but it helps sometimes :))

Be kind to yourself- you’ve had a major life upheaval and your body and mind need time to heal from it :slight_smile: x

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Thank you for your kind words!

Yes the pain is unbelievable :broken_heart: my heart feels like it’s literally broken. I also lost my little sister a couple of months before my mum and then I lost my stepdad earlier this year :cry:

It’s been so hard, just pray it gets easier :pray: :sleepy: x

Several in a row is awful :frowning: I know how you feel- it’s just so overwhelming. It will get easier, with time. Surround yourself with lovely people wherever possible- they really do lift you out of the darkness x

I know yeah I do I’ve got a lovely family I love them to bits I don’t know where I would be without them. Some days are better than others, bad days can be very bad tho just so depressed its hard to do anything you know?

Thank you for being so helpful and supportive I really appreciate it x

I know exactly what you mean- I’ve literally just come back from my doctor, who’s put me on SSRIs to help with my depression and anxiety from all of this.

I love supporting other people (just can’t ever seem to do the same for myself- the irony!) :slight_smile:
I really hope you’re having a good day today :slight_smile: Do something that makes you smile this evening, even if it’s just something little like making a hot chocolate :slight_smile: x

Me too I’m the same I’m good at giving advice but I never follow my own advice! Something I know I need to work on tbh, I’m having an okay day today yes the morning was a bit bumpy but its brightened up, how’s your day going? Hope your managing to keep smiling :smiley: x

Really glad to hear that :smiley: It’s always better to start out badly and improve during the day, rather than the other way around, definitely! :slight_smile:

Yeah, same here, really. Started off pretty low, but feel a lot better since blurting out all of my issues at the poor doctor haha! It’s the first time I’ve been out of the house since Sunday, so that’s probably got a lot to do with it (normally walk my dog every day, but he cut his paw on Sunday evening so been having to keep him in the house until it’s healed, bless him!)
Here’s to a hopefully happier Friday/weekend! :slight_smile: x

Absolutely couldn’t agree more!!!

Yes going out really helps I don’t do enough of that myself, I should go out more but its sometimes very difficult to make yourself want to. I suffer with server anxiety and bpd too, so it’s quite a difficult life I lead tbh.

Here’s to a nice weekend for both of us! X

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