My Mum

My Mum passed away on March 18th from a cancer tumour on her brain, she was 80yrs old which people always say what a great age, but I don’t agree of course I didn’t what her to suffer and be in pain but I miss my mum my best friend so much. Also I now have to support my lovely dad and sort out their home it breaks my heart. I got married in June and my Mum wasn’t there which was so hard how do I carry on when she is not in my life anymore.


@Katz hi Elaine so very sorry for your loss my beloved Mam.passed away 7 weeks ago she was 88years old but I still.didnt have long enough with her, she was my life I cared for her for the last 3 years so lost.
Your poor Dad aswell bless him, I lost my precious Dad 18years ago. :cry:
Just take one day at a time. I can understand how hard it was.for you on your wedding day, just so unfair isn’t it.
Take care of yourself

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So sorry for the loss of your lovely Mums I really am and I’m so sorry she wasn’t there on your wedding day. That must have been a bitter sweet day for you. I lost my Mum in November to secondary breast cancer she was 76 so completely get everything you both say. My husband lost his mum at aged 15, he’s now 49. He feels that the longer you have them the more painful it is as you suddenly have to get used to living life without them after all the years you’ve had them. I’ve never understood why people judge your grief on how old the person was. Whether that loved one was 2 or 92 that grief will bring you to your knees. Jane36 is so right, one day at a time. Break everything you need to do into manageable bite sized pieces and try not to do everything at once, there’s no rush. Take moments just for you too. Sending compassionate thoughts x

To Jane36
So sorry to hear about your Mum. You done so well looking after her.
My Dad has had to go into a rest home which I know he is happy and the staff are amazing but I do struggle with him being there.
It is hard to stay strong but I suppose we all have to.

To Sal46
Thank you for your kind words. Cancer is a horrible disease. Taking our love ones.
I try and be positive but it’s hard at times.
My husband and my lovely dog keep me going.