My Mum

My Mum passed away in April. Yesterday I scattered her ashes in a beautiful field with amazing views, I just hope it was the right place. I miss her every day does it get any better? Dad has had to go into a red home so I make sure I see him as often as I can I just wish things were different. I would like one more day with my Mum
From Katz

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Hi, yes that one more day or even an hour would make things better for us left behind. Can I suggest counselling if you haven’t already thought of ask for help. Both Sue Ryder and Cruse offer a free service and because it past 3 months both would see you. Life without our mums can be hard and unhappy but they won’t want us to be unhappy. It’s good that you have reached out and acknowledge that your life is not what it should be and I hope you get help to overcome your grief.
S xx