My Mum

Trying to get use to the idea of not having my mum around as she passed away in March. Then people start talking about their Mums and I am so envious I want that to be me.
Is that to much to ask
I have had to sort out my parents lovely bungalow as my Dad is in a rest home that’s hard and also selling their stuff which is upsetting and hard.
I am struggling but all people see a smile which I put on cause I feel broken inside.

Hi Katz I’m so sorry you’ve lost your Mum. I too have lost mine, she passed away with cancer last November. It’s so hard having to get used to her not being here and I totally get what you mean. I’m told I will in time but it doesn’t get any easier. I also feel for you trying to dismantle what’s left of your parents lives. I had to do that with my mums things. I found sometimes it could take all day just to go through one drawer and other days I just couldn’t face it. Give yourself time, it’s still extremely early days for you. No one can understand how you’re really feeling because they’re not where you are but they will be one day, sadly and then they’ll get it. I know that jealousy feeling, you do think “why isn’t my Mum still here, why me”. It’s not their fault, don’t blame them as it’ll just make you angry. I try and let that feeling of jealousy wash over me, as hard as it is at times. Take care x