My Mum

Losing my Mum in March is so painful, I’m sitting here with my dad who now has to live in a rest home thinking am I doing the best. Dad said he is fine but is he saying that to keep me happy. He won’t talk about his feelings he is from that generation where you hide your feelings. I look at him and I know he is sad and lost too but they is no easy answer.
Dad lays on his bed and I sit and do a word search while he sleeps. I feel Dad has no life now.
From Katz


Dear @Katz

Thank you for your open and honest post about your dad. The older generation especially men are not ones for opening up, which makes it difficult. In time your dad may well talk. He is like you still grieving the loss of his wife, your mum and for some it takes a lot longer to accept the loss of their loved one especially if they have been together a very long time like many of that generation were.

You just being there will be of great comfort to your dad, more often than not our actions mean more than words can say.

Take care and keep reaching out. We are all here for you.


It broke my heart to leave my dad in a care home after my mum went , a free they always said they wanted to be at home. I wanted to pick him up and take him home every day for 16 weeks till we lost him. I cried so much and the pain was so bad.
I wish I’d of taken him home to pass