My mum

I lost my mum on the 28th of december, she seemed to be fit and healthy other than severe arthritis, she was asked to go to A and E as she had calcium in her blood and died 5 days later, a bone marrow biopsy taken the day they turned off her life support showed she had a high grade lymphoma, im struggling to understand how someone can die so quickly and have no symptoms of being ill, we are all heart broken :broken_heart:

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Hi Lynda1
My mum died on Dec 30th and same here all so quick. Went in with sickness and was reading the newspaper when they told me she wouldn’t survive the night as she had a blockage in her small intestine. Well she was in hosp for almost 3 weeks and home for 3 weeks before she passed so she proved them wrong if nothing else. I feel so numb without her and like you I am struggling with it all. Am thinking of you x Deborah

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I think what makes it worse as nobody can tell me why, all the doctors kept saying is we dont know what’s wrong with her, even when they turned off the life support they said they didnt know, the bone marrow biopsy was carried out after they told us she wouldnt survive, i saw her on the monday and said see you tomorrow , I wish i had known that was the last time i would ever speak to her. She suffered a heart attack on Tuesday, and i was told they were turning off the life support on Wednesday

I am so sorry to read your post. My beloved husband passed away suddenly on 16th September two days after our 48th wedding anniversary. My last words to him, like you to your mum were “See you tomorrow”. I still cannot accept he passed away so suddenly less than two hours after I had left him. But in a strange way I now find it comforting that I never said “Goodbye” because “See you tomorrow” is much more bearable. As long as your mum remains in your memories then it will always be “See you tomorrow”.

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Thankyou, and sorry for your loss, my mum and dad had been married 47 years when he died in 2014, he died from copd so it wasn’t sudden like my mum.

Thank you deborah i am very sorry for your loss x

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