My mum

Hi , i lost my mum in april aged 62 to cancer , which was hard to take because in the space of 7 weeks she was not well to now no longer be with us. I worked away seasonal work 7 days a week which kept me busy but now 7 months later i am starting to feel low and down , i dont know if it is because Christmas is coming up and i am now not working as out of season and thinking about things alot. I suppose the question is , is there a thing of delayed grief , when it just hits you? I cant talk to anyone about it as thought the worse bit would be at time of her death and weeks after. If anyone has experienced delayed grief please let me know. Thank you for reading my story . :heart:

Hello @Crunchie, thank you for reaching out. I’m so sorry to hear about your mum.

There is no timetable to grief, and everyone copes with grief differently. I just want to reassure you that you are totally normal. The initial period after loss is often the busiest due to sorting out practical issues, and lots of people find that they don’t begin to process their grief for months, sometimes even years.

You might find our support page called How long does grief last? helpful to read.

Hopefully someone will have some thoughts to share, but I just wanted you to know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

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I’m sorry to hear this, I too lost my mum in May this year, I’m a only child and I was so busy for weeks arranging and sorting her finances, but now my grief has hit, I’m having nightmares and I can’t sleep, find my self struggling to do anything normal, I have anxiety about everything, it’s awful, I’m waiting for counselling but thinking I may go private, everyone is different and grieve in different ways xx

Yes it is so hard when we have time on our hands , i am dreading this Christmas and can see it far enough , i hate when people say cheer up when they dont know what you are thinking about , just feel fed up and cant be bothered doing anything , im not one to open up so dont tell anyone how i am feeling , i think i will go down the counselling route , sorry to hear about your mum it is the biggest hurt i have ever experienced and still doesnt seem real