My mum

I lost my mum the end of January’s suddenly and unexpectedly i had just washed her hair and given her her tea and left her to eat it. When i came back she was having trouble breathing she did not want me to call an ambulance as she didn’t want to go back to hospital so i left her for a few minutes but then i called while waiting for them on the phone shouting at them for help i and then my sister who rushed to help watched mym die in front of us while we were untrained but tryed to do cpr and clear her airway.mum asphyxiated on her food. I was her carrer i have felt hatred and blamed myself for giving her food. I lived with her for all my life and the loss and lonleyness is so hard without her.


Hi you were a loving daughter and carer for you mum you gave all you could and I am sure she treasured every moment and felt safe in your care.
Take solace in all the good memories you have and don’t even think about blame it has no part in yours or her story. Day by day and the good memories will be foremost.
keep posting there are good people on here and it helps to share your feelings.

I’m so sorry to hear this. That must be awful for you, but it wasn’t your fault and uou have been there to care for her always. I’m sure it is very lonely right now. I hope you will find people who can understand your feelings and support you. This community is good for that.