My mums birthday

Hi all
Just looking for a bit of support this evening it’s my mums birthday today the second one she hasn’t been here for :frowning: :sob:

I have done my best today as has my partner to keep myself busy and as happy as possible, but now the night is drawing in I’m starting to feel down

Anyone else feel like this?


Aww I am so sorry. I wouldn’t put any pressure on yourself to be ‘happy’. You’ve done well to get through this difficult day.

It was my dads birthday last week, first one since he died in June. I took a days annual leave and in my head I was going to do lots of things to remember him and feel close. I mostly just spent the day trying to get through the pain. I tried to do something small with a bit less pressure at the weekend to think about him.

Your not alone out there this evening x

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Hi there,

First of all I’m sorry for your loss and I do know how you feel.

I can also relate to what your saying, it’s going to be my mum’s birthday soon too, in January and that will also be her second birthday.
Yes absolutely heartbreaking but, I will celebrate mums birthday, I know it’s still going to be really hard but that’s what I will do and also go to the grave and lay some flowers.

Sometimes knowing what to do with ourselves is difficult, I’ve found myself putting on films, listening to music I like, walking my dog Obi, as you say it’s keeping yourself busy.

I too felt I needed support today so I joined as well, I find talking really helps, writing about feelings I find helps me understand them a bit better as well.

I hope you find a way that suits you and I wish you well, take care.

Lee lee

Thank you both for your response, I’m sorry to hear that your both going through the same sort of emotions :cry:.
I know how heartbreaking and lonely it can be, I have spent the day feeling very low but trying my best to stay as happy as I can because I know my mum wouldn’t want me to be sad. I spend most days listening to her favourite songs but I don’t know if it helps or makes things worse for me.

But I hope you both overcome this feelings and I wish you both the best of luck!


I am dreading my mum’s birthday next Wednesday, the 8th of December. Luckily, I got the day off anyhow. I also feel I would like to do something “special”, and can relate to the earlier post. I am worried I can’t see it through. All these family festivities like Christmas coming up as well :worried:, you feel somehow excluded from all the happy family plans. Last year was hard with Covid-19, but nothing prepared me for the death of my mum.

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I know exactly how you feel, but we have to remember they wouldn’t want us to be in pain, they would want us to be happy and live a good life so that’s what we have to try and do!

Thinking of you, stay strong x