My Nan

I lost my Nan over Christmas, we were close as I lived with her before I moved away for university.
I do have many happy memories and she has influenced and touched a lot of people as she was such a wonderful lady. I used to ringer her every other day as I get a bit lonely away from my home town and she was always down for a chat or advise.
We shared a lot of the same interests in hobbies, books and film so she’s really moulded me as a person. So I feel a bit lost.
Besides this I have deep empathy for everyone especially my grandad who has never really be much of a talker and keeps himself to himself, they were together for over 65 years so what I feel must be a tiny dent to what he feels. I don’t know how to be there for him.
And I am not strong enough to be there for my dad either, he has had a rough couple of years and a few funerals, one being his best friend.
I can’t impose on my family too much coz I know they’re going through the same thing I’m not a person that can hide feelings at all and I am not even in the same country.

This may seem a little selfish that I am upset over this by as i mentioned I’m in university, I make animated films and as a thank you for my Nan I was making her a film based on a poem she wrote when she was the same age as me, it was a poem she was very proud off the film was meant to be a gift, but now she’s gone. And I miss her so much.
Sorry for essay but I don’t have a lot of people I can tell the whole story without them getting upset and I’m not strong enough emotionally to help anyone.


Hello Mouse
Reading your post told me you loved your Nan so very much,as you say she influenced you,moulded you,she is very much still part of you.Please show your film to others,the poem deserves to be heard,give others the gift of hearing it too.It’s lovely you are thinking of your grandad and dad,you care and understand they feel the pain,just be there and listen.You said your Nan was a wonderful lady,you go out there and be wonderful too Take care xxx

Thank you Robina, it’s good to have someone to talk to. I’m trying my best to make this film and I’m planning to go back and visit my family as soon as I can. Thank you once again.

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