My personality has changed

Is anyone else experiencing changes to their personality. I hate this i feel like i have no time for ppl feel aggressive and dont know what i want to do with myself. Dont want ppl and do im so mixed up and sad and down just now.partner died on nov 22 …dont have anyone to talk to i have a lovely family but they must get on with their this another stage on this process and pray it passes soon


Bless you. I think you are angry with the situation. I feel the same some days, as I am sure most of us on here do. We have all found ourselves in a situation we never wanted or asked to be in. Our lives have changed for ever but all we want is our old lives back.
Have a good old rant and rave on here, everyone will understand and will try and comfort you.
I feel I could scream some days and break things. I am usually a gentle placid person. Life is so unfair. Be kind to yourself and take one day at a time.
Sending strength and hugs xx


I had the same conversation this afternoon with our son. At times, I know I’m being irrational, angry and sometimes I don’t even like myself but I feel lockdown/covid has affected everyones mental health in some way & then to lose someone, throws you into chaos.
I expect our son to know how I feel but if I don’t understand this - how can he??
I just take things as they come now. Getting worked up hasn’t solved anything.
Take care,
G. X


I lost my husband 8 weeks ago and I feel my personality has altered slightly, some of my personality has gone with him, we were fun loving and loved life/people, but now I get anxious around groups of people, done sing or have music on anymore (he used to be a singer, so there are lots of songs I cant listen to), but all these feelings are part of the grieving process, people will understand that you will feel differently every day and will understand if you have an off or down day. Although you say your family needs to move on, but I am sure they will feel the same way, they don’t want to burden you as we all have enough on our plates. Sending time with my and my Husbands family has helped and we don’t necessarily talk about him, I have 2 dogs so they force me out to walk, but I force myself out on my own as well just to have some time xxxxxxxx


I don’t think my basic, underlying personality has changed, it was because my late wife, Viv, brought me out of my shell and now that she has gone, I’ve moved back into my shell. I also shun people now but I’m working on it! I’m less tolerant than I used to be but some days I wish I had someone to talk to. It will get better because this is another stage although I don’t know how soon it will be for you. Take care, stay safe and know that everyone on here cares for you. Talk to us if you need us, John

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