My precious Dad

I lost my Dad in January this year.
Although he was 89 he was in good health with a mind as sharp as a pin.
One minute he was there laughing and joking then he was gone.
His heart just stopped.
I just can’t except it .
The shock is overwhelming, my heart is broken.
My wonderfully funny happy loving Dad.
My best friend .
I don’t no what to do without him.

I’m so sorry Lynac, dad’s are such precious people and we miss them dearly when they are no longer with us.
I think it took me many years to come to terms with the loss of my dad, not that anyone noticed, but quietly I grieved for a very long time.
To die as your dad did, in good health, must have been an enormous shock for you,
it doesn’t surprise me that you should be feeling as you do.
You don’t say if you have anyone else to help you through your grief, if you don’t perhaps you should talk to your GP to see if they can direct you towards some support. They do have an online support on this site which you might find helpful.

To grieve is a very difficult position and one where there are no rights or wrongs, only what is OK for you.
My husband died a few months ago and like you I am lost and in pain, I do have some support and I use them when I can.

I hope that you will keep telling us how you are feeling and hopefully you might find some peace.


Thank you for your reply.
I do appreciate it.
I don’t really have anyone I can talk to .
Although I have a husband and grown children I feel so alone.
My Dad was my sounding block the only person I truly trusted.
The only person I felt I could rely on unconditionally.
I have never had feelings like this before , it’s frightening .
The all consuming sadness.
I don’t want to go anywhere talk to anyone or do anything.
He is in my head and heart every minute of everyday.
I think I’m going crazy.

So sorry for your loss this grieving is definitely not easy.

I had a bad day yesterday , feeling psychically ill.
Aching all over tears , the works.
Today I was determined to be better .
I was until at the Crem I saw this old man place a kiss on a grave stone .
The slightest thing , it’s rediculous.
I am not this person, I am the strong one the one that arranges ,sorts out and fixes things.
These feeling are completely alien to me and I don’t no how to deal with it.