My precious mum

I lost my mum 10 days ago. She had ovarian cancer but died suddenly and unexpected of a heart attack due to the pressure of fluid she was carrying. She was mine and my 2 girls only close family. The kids saw her as an extension of me, a second mum. The grief is having a physical impact on me at the moment. I have hardly heard from friends since she passed and feel so alone. I have a partner but we don’t live together. I don’t feel much empathy from him as he never had a close relationship with his mum. I can’t believe she has gone. 9 weeks ago she was just my mum but cancer took her so quickly. Her sister died 4 days later, also of ovarian cancer. I can’t believe she has gone.


How horrible for you and your girls. I am afraid that many people don’t understand how you will be feeling and having read a post earlier saying how people react to grief and death makes me feel cross. When we loss someone special in our lives we need lots of compassion but there seems very little of it about.
It’s very early on this road that non of us wants to be on but things will improve. Grief affects both mental and physical aspects of our lives and somehow we have to overcome it and act as normal which is very difficult. Everyone on this community knows how it is and sometimes reading others post or just writing about how you feel helps. Sorry but there is no short cuts but you will get through this and the experience will make you more resilient. Sending blessings to you and your girls. Sxx

For me it’s a week at six o’clock. I have a father who is distant and no other family. Having your girls is a real blessing. Even just seeing a family resemblance is something I’d love. The suddenness seems so unfair for us but I just hope our Mums knew less about it? I empathise with the distant friends too. Finding it hard to understand the world.


So sincerely sorry to hear of your loss, my mum also died of ovarian cancer last year and I am still feeling such emotional pain now. She was my absolute best friend , and I miss her so very much. Although I have lovely friends, I also feel very lonely in my emotions sometimes. I think being able to share with others where you feel safe to and understand helps to process a little.


I’m really struggling at the moment. I feel like I’m grieving for my mum and I’m also absolutely broken hearted for my girls that they’ve lost their nan. It’s her funeral on Tuesday. I’ve fallen out with you brother - who I don’t see anyway - as he has told me he doesn’t want my partner there as he has never met him and doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to meet him at a funeral. He says he doesn’t want trouble as my ex husband will be there. There will be no trouble and my partner has been by my side through it all. I’m sick with anger, sadness, grief and loneliness. I just want my mum x

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Hi so sorry for you and your girls, I also lost my dear mum and best friend 8 weeks ago to ovarian cancer. It’s just so hard trying to function each day there is nothing you can do just try and carry on. I have a lovely husband but no children and feel very alone nobody knows how you feel it’s just awful. I did get a book which I am finding useful called healing after the loss of you mother may be worth a try Ali xx

sending you so much love and your precious girls xxx
i’m so sorry babe. i lost my mom to breast cancer earlier this year, it was still a shock to lose her so soon six months after she was diagnosed. i thought she was getting better.
i too feel alone.
i know it’s hard babe.
i don’t even know what to say,
i just want to send you love and comfort