My Right To Mourn (Poen By John F Connor)

How can I tell my heart that you have gone away
I want to make things right but don’t know what to say
I am lonely and sad I cannot believe you have gone
But others tell me to get over it they say I must move on.
But they don’t know how I feel they wouldn’t know where to start
One minute I was happy then my world was ripped apart
Yes I need to mourn and do it in my own way
To listen to my heart and not what others say
Yes there will be dark times yes I will be sad
It will hurt me for a while when I remember what we had
But time will heal my heart time will heal the sorrow
It may not be today it may not be tomorrow
Yes there will be tears I may scream and shout
I can’t lock the pain away I have to let it out
True friends will stick by me others may walk away
True friends will hold my hand and listen to what I have to say
It’s my right to mourn and to learn to deal with grief
It’s not what you see on the outside but the way I feel underneath


Dear Joan

No truer words said. Thank you.