My sister died

My sister in the Netherlands died last Thursday after battling cancer for six years. Due to the coronavirus, I could not be with her, or attend her funeral, which was on Tuesday.
It feels so unreal, as I have been unable to be with my family for the mourning. I have been unable to support them, and they me, in person, although we have been in constant touch. I was able to follow the funeral through videolink, and my niece Facetimed me from the cemetery, and as my sister left her home for the final time. So I did get a chance to say goodbye, and it feels so unreal.
I am lucky in a sense I am not completely alone - my partner is with me, and he’s doing his best to look after me.
Does anyone else feel this weird void of having been unable to say goodbye properly?

Dear Hanne
I’m so sorry you’ve lost your beloved sister. It’s the worst time to lose anyone as it’s not possible to hug people and share grief. My heart breaks for you and your family.

I lost my son last October- he was thirty - it was a terrible shock and as his mother my heart is forever broken. But I was able to at least organise and attend his funeral and be with my family. Then in January tragically, my nephew committed suicide…his mother, my sister in law was fighting cancer and she was devastated at losing her son. Again as a family we could come together and support each other in the traditional ways. She and l were united as mothers in grief.

My wonderful sister in law contracted Covid19 and died on the 20th March- she’s being buried this month. Only a handful of mourners are permitted. As a family we are unable to be together to support each other. Some members of the family have been self isolating as they are exhibiting symptoms. Everything seems unreal…it feels we’ve lost so much and we can’t honour our dead sister in law how we would like. All I can say is I’m sure our loved ones would understand- they know we love them still. Try and rest if sleep is elusive and talk to people about your feelings.

Keep posting - there are lovely people on this site.
Big hugs to you

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