My sister my world


I had a phone call from my nephew a few weeks ago telling me my sister had passed away after a fall . I had only spoken to her at 1920 she said as always love you sis ring you tomorrow and received the call at 9am the next day. 50 years old my big sis this cannot be real we had so many plans in her words we were going to live our best lives :heart: despite having a funeral and clearing her home out this just cannot be real!!! ,:pensive::sleepy::broken_heart::broken_heart:


Thank you,:mending_heart:

What a shock. So sorry for your loss.

I am so so sorry for your loss - my heart goes out to you, especially as it was so sudden and unexpected so its no wonder that you are feeling that this cant be real. I am going through this also, having lost my younger sister at 54 just 16 weeks ago. Acceptance of the situation is very difficult. It seems so unreal. Keep talking about her, (and to her), and if you can, try and think about the funny memories. I didnโ€™t find the funeral brought any โ€œclosureโ€ or made it any easier to accept, I have been told by my counsellor that there are 5 stages of grief and that you can experience them all at the same time sometimes or cycle around them - they dont happen in any order and that it is quite normal for the process to take 2 years, of course we will never forget but I hope that in time I will smile more than cry when I think about her. Keep talking on here too. Once again I am sorry that you are going through this and although it doesnt help you are not alone X

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Thank you!!! Iโ€™m so sorry for your loss also, Iโ€™d be grateful to be alone with this rather than you or others having to experience it! You take care of yourselff. I am remembering the fun times just find it hard when I think that Iโ€™ll ring our kid now and realise I canโ€™t.

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Thank you. Yes those moments when you think Iโ€™ll just text her or wait till I tell her such and such are really tough. Sending love x

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