My sister (Poem)

My little sister, taken way too soon
Breaks my heart into two.
She was such a kind hearted girl, a true heart of gold living without her feels lonely and cold.

She loved her unicorns and sparkly things, she could make anyone smile just as easy as she blinked.
She brought such warmth to some many peoples life, its just not the same without her glowing light.
Rest easy up there my beautiful baby sis, sending you lots of love and a big kiss!

(Dedicated to my beautiful baby sister who passed away at the age of 18 on 12th August 2020)


Hello Stargirl93

Beautiful words for a beautiful sister. Thank you for sharing. We are always here to support you. Take care. xx

This brings tears. I can relate to the pain and loneliness. I also lost my sweet, precious younger Sister. Thank you for sharing Stargirl92. Xxx

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Iā€™m sorry for your loss, thank you for reading my poem.

Take care xx