My son aged 29

In June 2020 my son of 29 had passed away suddenly on his own .I had made arrangements to see him on that day but I didn’t know that while I was outside his house my so was dead on the settee.Later that night my daughter and brothers went to his house and found him they wouldn’t let me go and I feel so guilty as his mom for not being there.My daughter tried everything but my son had died in the early hours of the morning so nothing could be done.I feel so guilty and don’t know how to deal with it .He had a amazing job worked long hours brought his first house everything was looking Rosie for him and then it was all gone .When I was 17 I found my brother dead and my son was born on the day he died 8 years previously and me and my mom were roughly the same age when our first born died . At the inquest we found out my son had pneumonia and he had taken paracetamol and codine they mixed together and caused my sons death .It was a total shock as he had been at the hospital a week before and they told him it was anxiety

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I am so sorry for your loss and so young to. The world is a very cruel one.