My son died in a road accident aged 23 years

I loved my son so much in life my heart ached for him. I have three sons but he was my eldest the one who kept me awake at night. The one who made me laugh. I got a knock on the door one morning by the police and was informed he had been killed on his motorbike. He prided himself on safety and knew all the risks. But on this occasion he underestimated the road, the bridge and the speed he was doing. I have found it difficult to grieve because i feel angry at him for leaving me. It comes in waves but i mostly feel so numb. still doesn’t feel real. In another sense i have peace. Three days after he had died i called out to God to let me know he was with him. This had been my biggest fear even before he died that he wouldn’t be with God if he died. He was raised in christian home but had turned away from his roots. As i cried out for a sign Gods presence came in a powerful way and i am confident he is with God. I know i will be with my beloved son again one day.


Hi tinnan
So sorry for your loss I lost my son in June aged 23 as well I still can’t believe it it I’m in shock, it’s good you have your strong belief and I hope that brings you some comfort, our lives are so very sad now, take care

So sorry for your loss. Im sure he his with God and i’m glad you have your faith. Xx

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