My son died

Hi my name is sue, 8 weeks ago my 27 year old son passed away on holiday in Malta, im struggling to cope,


I am so sorry for your lost. I am sorry you have to go throught this pain. Unexpected dead of your son and dealing with paperwork increase the difficult time.

I hope you have someone with you helping in this difficult situation.

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Thank you, its a bit of a difficult situation he died abroad, took us 3 weeks to evev get him home, it could take years for the court case, i just feel so broken

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Hi Sue65
3 long weeks and on top of it dealings with legal paperwork and now to wait for the court case.
It ia difficult to deal with the lost of a loved one but your situation is harder as it was abroad.

Iā€™m seeing unfortunately you have been a member of this community back a couple year and now unfortunately the lost of a son . It must be very hard and you must be in shock still.
i wish i could say something to take the pain away.
You are strong and dont worry for things or people. You look after yourself.
Send you hugs

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