My son. Forever young 19

Hi I’m Audrey, new to this.
Sadly I lost my beautiful son last July. :cry:
I’m absolutely devastated I struggle every single day. I think this may help me talking to people in the same situation. I have a lot of support from family and friends but I still feel alone.


Hi Audrey, im Lesley i lost my son 8 months and 1 week ago today sending you love a hugs it is absolutely devastating to lose a child. I think i am still in shock and have regular melt downs take a day at a time and be gentle with yourself.

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Hi i lost my 37 year old son this may too cancer , even though we new he wasent going to get through it we thought we would have time to make memorys, but he was diagnosed in the november and died in the may and ended up in a hospice wear he recived excellent pain care. I cry every day and sometimes it can be just because i think of his name. But iv learnt not to hold it back as it can destroy you.i think of him up in heaven with his dad who we lost in june 2022.they were like too peas in a pod.together down hear and now together forever.

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So sorry to hear about your son. This journey we are on is awful :cry:
Sending love :heart: right back to you xxx

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So sorry for your loss. Sending love :heart: xxxx

It really is a very lonely position to be in, I understand what you mean, as you feel you have to be strong for others and cry in private if you are anything like ne. My son passed in May this year, age 40, inquest pending, and suspicious, in our eyes at least. Such an anxious time while you wait for a reason to be found, having to rely on someone you dont know and who doesnt know your child to find out why and how. I have today asked to be referred for bereavement counselling, also my first time on here.