My son would be 30 today

My son because of you I have experienced a love of the highest degree. My love for you is fierce and strong and can never be erased. The time I had with you was not nearly enough. There is one thing I want you to know. Your life was a miracle - my miracle- and will always be my greatest treasure. Nothing can ever separate us… not even this thing called death. Our hearts continue to beat as one. I love you with all of my being my precious child and I always will :rose::sunflower:


Such beautiful words, you are in my thoughts. x

Our children will never leave us, they are and always will be part of our lives, their love is still surrounding us and our love for them is greater then ever. We have to try and live our lives for them we can’t do anything more.
Take care, your in my thoughts…Marina xxx

Thank you Steph, I appreciate your reply and wishes :sunflower:

Thank you marina, it’s lovely to hear from you. I just never thought for one moment I would live in this world without my son. I miss him beyond words. I wish you love and strength for the coming weeks :sunflower: