My son

I lost my son last August 20th 2020 he had a stroke on 11th of August then he got pneumonia then he had seizures they are to put him into a coma operated on his brain to release the pressure couldn’t see him because of covid but on the 18th of August I received a phone call from the doctors asking us to go in on the 19th to talk with them I truly thought they were going to tell me that you was going to survive what may have been a bit disabled in some way but know who told me that he would not survive without the life support machine his brain was too badly damaged and would we we give permission for for him to be a donor I did say yes so we spent the rest of the day with him we went home at the Night-Time they told us it would be best went back first thing Thursday morning spent the whole day with him I talk to him I say to him you are my sunshine that was his ringtone on my phone looking for another scan told us that his brain was even worse add 20 to 9 Thursday evening they turned as machine off it was such an unreal moment I truly thought you would wake up but you didn’t I kissed his head Ed and told him I loved you and also told him you better be there to meet me when my turn comes and went home with my that was the start of my nightmare I’ve lost my mum my dad mother-in-law father-in-law a brother a sister my nephew you and my brother-in-law over the last 10-years 20-years sorry re I have never ever felt pain like this I am broken I just keep going for my other for children and my grandchildren I am so tired and the tears never stop coming.

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Dear Linda

My god you’ve had such terrible losses and then to lose your child…I’m so so sorry :cry: I don’t know what to say…my heart breaks for you.

I lost my younger son in 2019, then my nephew, my sister in law and then my uncle. My Dad went into care with dementia and me and the family are trying to support my Mum living at home.

It feels like nothing else can happen but then it does.

Let the tears come - you are being so brave for everyone else and it’s exhausting, overwhelming and seemingly never ending. You will find a way to live but it’s small steps…I do hope you’re getting support from friends.

Keep in touch - big hugs and love

Purple x

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Thank you for replying I’m not very good at writing so worry about my spelling . So sorry about your losses has you say there are no words I feel so broken lost and empty. I have no close friends anymore. Hope you have friends to support you.