My Son

Tomorrow it will be 1 year since losing my son at 30 years old. So many people tell me it gets easier. But it doesn’t I’m angry, emotional, very down and lost x

Dear @Joanne6

Welcome to the Community. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. Today being the 1st anniversary will naturally bring it all back.

Have you got family and friends that can support you? Have you considered bereavement counselling and support?

I have listed a few organisations that offer support and help which you may like to consider. Please know, you do not need to struggle alone.

Shout is a text messaging service which is free and offers support for anyone who is struggling to cope. All confidential and available 24/7.

The Compassionate Friends - They offer support to families who have lost a child of any age.

Samaritans - Available 24/7 on phone number 116 123 for free for someone to talk to.

Cruse Bereavement -

You can also connect with members here under the topic Losing a Child.

Please keep reaching out and take care of yourself.

Thank you very much I will look into some counselling x

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Dear Joanne6

It’s the hardest thing you will ever bear. I lost my son Henry in 2019…shortly after his 30th birthday. I do understand how you are feeling.

It doesn’t get easier - how can it.

But I’ve become accustomed to it…someone here said it’s like the ocean…lapping at your feet and then a huge wave comes and engulfs you. Birthdays. Anniversaries and Christmas are so tough :broken_heart:

I’m sending you love and a hug
Purple x

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Thank you Purple, I’ve never felt so empty in my life, God bless your son Henry :purple_heart: xxx