My son

I lost my son at the tender age of 39 in Tanzania
I’m unable to deal with my loss and it’s all too overwhelming and I can’t seem to accept his death
What and how do I cope please

All bereavements are dreadful but losing one of your children must be even more difficult to cope with. I am sorry about your loss, Ginfig and can only offer my deepest sympathy to you. My husband died in June and I am still trying to believe that he is no longer here. I would suggest that you try to find some counselling. Cruse is very busy but there are other places usually listed in the library that you could try. Posting on here also helps as you can say what you feel which is sometimes difficult with family who are also grieving. As a mother myself, I feel so sad when I hear of a young person dying. It doesn’t seem right. Please keep in touch on here if you can. Kind regards, Eileen

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I know just how you are feeling I lost my forty three year old son only last week ,not only can I not accept his death I feel I could have prevented it he only lived 15 miles up the road and instead of popping into see him on the Sunday I left it until the day after by then it was to late,all I can think IF IF IF…So I am with you in your grief.

Hi Marina
My condolences to you what pain is endured is hard to comprehend unless you are a mother
My heart bleeds with you my dear xx

Thank you…You never dream that your child will go before you so are never prepared for the heartache it brings…I think it helps to know you are not suffering alone how morbid that may sound…Thinking of you…take care xx

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