My son

My son committed suicide 18 months ago, I have no answers to why he did it. He left a 5 month old son. The hurt the pain the grief the guilt I feel, the sleepless nights I sometimes feel so so angry. I am drinking more than I should in the evening but I turn nasty and my husband has to try and reason with me.
All of my life has been in turmoil!!

I lost my daughter in july she also took her own life , i feel what you are going through , some many unanswered questions , missing her so much it is unbearable , knowing we will never be at peace or have closure💔

I am feeling myself spiralling out of control, I work 3 days a week front of house, trying to put a smile on my face is so hard, most days I cry myself to sleep, I am on antidepressants but they dont seem to help.

I am also on medication and that does help with the crying but it doesnt help with what i feel inside . I feel what you are going through i have such a heavy heart all day everyday , my heart is breaking :broken_heart:. I feel guilty all the time , i loved my daughter so much :heart:. I dont think we will ever get peace or closure it will be having to learn to cope with it x

Your daughter and my son are probably at peace now, they are no longer suffering, and I try to tell myself every day that my son is in a better place. But, the pain for us will never go away x

I try to think that too , but then get overwhelmed with emotions and whys, what if,s i pray that they are at peace both of them :pray: :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Its nice to be able to converse with someone who understands. My life wont ever be normal, and yours to, but hopefully it will get easier, we have beautiful memories I have a grandson who is a piece of my son xx

It is nice to be able to talk to people who understand . If my daughter had passed with illness or even an accident then you could not understand but come to terms with why , but taking there own life and having no answers, why,s etc its so hard to make sense of anything , the emotions you feel its like nothing i have ever felt before, i have been off work since july when it happened and i plan to go back to work middle of january to see if that helps in any way , but i am not putting any pressure on myself . I am alway here if you need to talk and off load as it helps me too :kissing_heart:

Thank you so much, I will keep in contact with you, and hopefully we can help each other. I dont think we will ever know the reasons why they felt the need to take their own lives xx

I will keep in touch with you too , as it really does help to talk to someone who understands. I dont think we will but i hope in the end however long it takes we can find some sort of peace and comfort with the good memories we have . Take care and speak to you really soon . If you need to chat , always here x

You can private message me aswell if you want to x

Hi Charlie my son died 4 months ago not sure if it was suicide but I no how your feeling I feel so alone even though I have people around me we will never be the same I just hope I will see him again one day I miss him so much :heart_eyes:

Hi hun, I am so sorry to hear about your son. I cannot explain the feelings the guilt the anger that I feel. We will never get over the loss but hopefully they are now at peace and pain free and one day we will hug them. Xx

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I know how you feel , life is unbearably difficult and i cant see it being any different in years to come . Huge loss :broken_heart: life will never be the same again .

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Hi charlie7,
I feel your pain.
I lost my son in November 2022 and the devastating trauma of that never leaves you.
He was 31 years old and had his hole life ahead of him but it wasn’t meant to be and I draw some strength from the fact that he is at peace now and no longer in pain.
No one can ever hurt him anymore.
Sending you a big hug.
Love Jayne x