My son's have died

When my first Son died he was 3 I was 7 and half pregnant that was 29 years ago after he died 8 weeks later I had another beautiful boy. He took an accidental over dose and he died 8 months ago I never have asked for help but I’m not coping I can’t believe I’ve lost my two sons I have two daughters but I miss my boys so much I feel as if I can’t breath.

I’m sorry Harriet … it’s so hard. Both my adult sons died aged 33 and 36 six years and one year ago … I do t know how I am still here. It’s so hard to carry on … feel like I have no future. I guess you will be feeling the same. Always here to talk hun … you are not alone. Sue

Omg bless you all. Ive lost my youngest in april this year. I cant think too much about him cos it hurts so much. I m strugling to find counselling atm. Rang so many places and they all have long waiting lists. My 2 sisters are my listeners atm bless them. X

Hi Roseyjane, I’m so very sorry to hear you lost your youngest in April. I can only try to imagine how you’re feeling bless you’re heart. Have you got in touch with Thorpe Hall family support team? As they offer a counselling service. I have just finished counselling with them & the lady I saw was really lovely. Thinking of you! xx

Hi julie. Thankyou for that. I know some places only see you if you are in their area. I will check it out. Ive slso been told today that i can ask my doctor to refer me tp talking therapies. Lucky i have my sisters and my other son, they all put up with me really well. X

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