My son's have died

When you lose a child you ask yourself why me? What did I do wrong for this to have happened to me? But it has happened so what do i do now? I can stay in bed or I could lock myself away and cry myself a river of tears. Would my son’s want this for me and the answer is no . So I get up get washed, dressed put this front on for everyone not to be worried about me were as inside I’m screaming. I hear people saying times a great healer… here’s hoping .

I really think you should allow yourself to grieve, cry when you feel like it holding it in may not be healthy as tears relieve stress. I lost my son in August so I understand your pain, I cry mainly on my own, mind you I live alone so I guess that I would be grieving on my own mostly. I try to see that my son was a gift even though it was only for a short time.

I am so sorry and I do know how you feel my son died in his sleep in May I am still shocked. I still expect a text or something I see things he would like I would have bought and each one breaks my heart a bit more . I get up and get dressed and work as if nothing happened my colleagues never mention it now. I know they think I’m fine but inside I have never stopped screaming. I am lucky to have a lovely daughter in law and 3 beautiful if heartbroken granddaughters. I live for them now not for me. I am trying to cling on to the good times. I don’t think time heals it just gives you chance to accept the new reality. I hope that you have someone to comfort you but I know that unless you have lost a child yourself you can never really understand. I wish you peace

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