My Soulmate (Poem by John P. Read)

I still say I Love You, but now there’s no reply
I always feel your presence as if you never left my side

I remember your comforting voice, now there’s not a sound
Only echoes from the past follow me around

You’re always by my side, but I can’t hold your hand
The reason why God took you, I find hard to understand

Summer days seem much shorter, dark nights just linger on
Dreams turn into nightmares when the one you love has gone

But real love never fades it still burns like the sun
Although they’re far away those memories go on and on

Your spirit will never die it shines like the stars
I know you’re sleeping in Heaven, but you’re living in my heart.


Hello sad2, that is a very beautiful poem. so true. thank you for sharing. Petra x

Thank you Petra.
Joan x