my very special lady

i put this in the local paper was my way of showing Jayne some love and respect and that she was a wonderful hard working lady,who made an ever lasting impact on my life.
Jayne .was my loving partner for 28 years.She was a very hard working lady.
She started her adult working life at NORTEK, In the 3 1/2 years Jayne was there she excelled
.she went from junior office secretary to full office secretary she was very adept at learning new skills.Jayne then worked for
link recruitment ,were once more she excelled at her others to do the job,interviewing clients,doing everything required to again succeed. After 3 years she decided to look for other opportunities.
Jayne needed new challengers Jayne started working with Mike ,Alan, Harold and Elizabeth in Knutsford with a company called Cetema.she again excelled at the job ,such was Jayne,s skills at the job after 8 years,that when the company decided to up roots and move to Aylesbury she took on the challenge of carrying on working with them.At this point the company changed its name to Chemetall.for a year or 2 Jayne was put up in an hotel from Monday to Thursday.Driving home Thursday evening ,then driving back down Monday morning.She decided to rent a flat,which the company paid for,it was in Newport Pagnall,
Jayne was there until 2006,the company again moved ,this time to Milton Keynes.I helped Jayne move everything from her old flat to her new one.Took us 2 trips get everything moved into the new flat.Jayne loved her job,she was a very career driven lady.
Nothing would stop her reaching her goals.she decide to do an Egyptology course at the university of Manchester she attained a certificate for finishing the course and passing.At this point whilst still seeking knowledge she decided do a degree of .Bachelor of Arts in humanities with classical studies,it took Jayne about 6 years to reach this goal,whilst working in a challenging job,Jayne passed with [honours], this was a great achievement and i like anyone who knew Jayne, was very proud of what she had done.
Her boss at work was also impressed at Jayne,s abilities to study whilst working.In fact so much so that they told her they would pay, if she was to go for her masters.This was a challenge to Jayne,but she was up to the challenge.So much so that after only 1 year she passed and received her Degree of Master of Science 29th June 2017.
And again Me and anyone who knew and loved her was proud of Jayne. when BASF took over Chemetall she was in charge of setting up the computer systems,she had to go to Germany for 2 weeks .Jayne was one amazing lady who touched a lot of people throughout her life.I was honoured to of loved and been loved by her.
Jayne made many friends in her life.Id like to thank each and every one,whether they attended the funeral or not,you all mattered to Jayne.she appreciated all of you.
id also like to thank Father Bill for reading my eulogy at the service,it was very nice of you to do it at such short notice,and was very much appreciated.
Jayne had a very warm, bubbly and very friendly disposition,always kind and considerate to others and very chatty.She was very out going and liked seeing her friends.Jayne never had a bad word to say about any one.she loved holidaying abroad,but had to take travel sickness tablets.Jayne went to Las Vegas with her brother and wife and mother in law.To Turkey with friends,also Lanzerote a few times with Karen,and went there with her mum and my mum.Me and Jayne had several holidays in Brixham which is beautiful picturesque little fishing town in Devon,we had a wonderful time every time we went.
Jayne was my life, my love, my soul mate ,Jayne made me feel so loved and special ,she will always be in my heart,till the day i leave this mortal im proud to of been Jaynes partner ,
all my love always ian

Dear Ian,

Jayne sounds like a special lady indeed. I’ve recently lost my partner of 20 year suddenly and unexpectedly in March. It was a heart attack.

I miss my partner terribly every second of every day but the life we shared and the memories we made bring a smile, and tear, to my face.

thank you Shaun,yes Jayne was a very special lady and the love of my life,sorry about your lose hope you get the strength from some where thats help you
regards ian