My wife died

I lost my wife 14/9/2017 and I feel suicidal can’t get out of bed eat or see a way forward

Hi Colin,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your wife. Your loss is very recent and raw at the moment and they way you are feeling is not unusual in response to bereavement. Do you have any family and friends who can support you? It’s important to reach out to them for support and accept all offers of help.

I would also encourage you to also call the Samaritans (116 123, or - they are there 24/7.

You can also speak to your GP about how you are feeling, and they can help by referring you to the right support services.

Sharing your grief is really important, and I’m glad you’ve been able to start out by writing a little of it down here. You aren’t alone on this online community, as there are many people here who understand the grief of losing a partner. Hopefully some of them will post some replies to you soon. You can also have a read of some other conversations to see what people have written about their grief, for example:

You are still in shock as the death of your wife is still so soon. I lost my husband husband 6 weeks ago and it feels like I have had something ripped out of me. It is an effort to do anything but we have to for our family and what our partners would have wanted us to do. I think suicidal thoughts are normal but we would not want to cause more hurt to our loved ones. I think we just have to take each day as it is and think what our partners would have wanted us to do. Life is cruel I’m afraid. Hopefully in time we will hurt slightly less and remember all the happy times we had with our loved ones. Take care.

Hi Colin. I am in the family support team at a Sue Ryder hospice and we work with a lot of family members who have been recently bereaved. I can see that you lost your wife only very recently so things are going to feel very raw and intense for a while, but please believe me when I say this a very natural and normal reaction to the loss of someone you love. Do you have any friends or family members around you whom you can share your grief with. Sharing feelings with whom you feel safe with can be very helpful and comforting, particularly if you can share your grief together.

Hi Colin im very sorry for your loss .I fully understand the suicidal thoughts .Ihad them at first but i went to my gp told her the truth was and still am on anti depressants .6 days is very raw to say the least .Your nightmare being honest is just starting medical and family help is important in my opinion .Take each day as it comes try to find a little me time .Because unfortunately your nightmare will patiently wait for you to return to it .This wonderful club is always open it never closes and theres no such thing as moaning Stay in touch on here Colin