My Wife 63 died on 13 November after a ten year battle with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. She survived Covid. But was cruelly Locked up and Isolated for almost 2 years in a Care Home. I am riddled with Guilt and Anger at the way she was treated.


Hi campbellduke my heart breaks for you. My mother was in a care home but died before all the Covid. I really could not have coped not seeing her or just watching her through the window. Just seeing all those awful scenes on the news night after night where people could not see their loved ones was traumatic enough. It was so so cruel and I can understand you being full of anger and guilt, it was all so inhumane. There are probably no words to comfort you as you would have felt so helpless and out of any sort of control for your dear wife’s welfare, but honestly there was nothing you could do. It is such a cruel and unfair situation and it looks like it might be going back to that again. You really need someone to talk to and get it all off your chest , or write it down all your anger and frustration sometimes that helps. This site is a good place to start though, I am glad you found it . I always come here when I feel low and it helps me. Keep posting and reading other people’s posts . Take care Jss

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So sorry to hear this. I lost my wife on the 18th September after a 4 year battle with a brain tumour. You have my deepest sympathy. 10 years is a long time to deal with a partners illness, and I can’t imagine how low you must feel right now. I would say that, no matter how hard you tried, and no matter how much you did, you will always feel guilt that perhaps you could have done more. I ask myself this question every day. I hope you have some family/friends around you at this time as it does help. Just take one day at a time and try very hard to remember all the good times you had together and don’t allow the illness to define your memory of her. Some things were within your control, but much of what happened was not. This is going to take time…take care of yourself. x


Dear @campbell95
I am so sorry you are suffering on this way, the loss of your dear wife & the horrible circumstances are truly heartbreaking.
I hope you can find some help, support and comfort posting here. We all get it, we are all living with the indescribable pain.
I too feel so guilty that I didn’t do things better, differently to have changed the outcome of my husbands death. I feel the burning anger that not all was done that could be done.
It’s good to get feelings out here, things you can’t share with family or friends. Unless they have been there they don’t get it.
Will be thinking of you & understanding what you are going through.

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