My wife Nina

I am devastated I lost my wife a week ago just after getting married I tried to save her I couldn’t I feel it’s my fault as if I get to her earlier maybe I could of save her she died in bed I got a mortgage for a new home as she fell down the stairs and broke her hip many years ago before I met her I love her so much and talk her all the time Neigbours have been great friends of hers has been great I live in London and she lives in Essex I was here all the time for her loved and cherished her my lovely wife Nina


@Dez soooo hard… Just prayed to God to send human angels around to give you comfort and support… your feeling of lost, drifting I have experienced it, it was excruciating and unabating. I was drowned in disbelief and sorrow for a very long time. So it can be very hard for you now… it is so raw, just hang in… Perhaps if you could tell yourself that live for another day, sort things out later… and allow yourself this time to grief ,

Keep reaching out if you need to… especially widowed people, our tribe understands us much better, and you may feel less alone.

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Thank you so much I only have neighbours popping in when they can my sons have helped everyone has there own lives even though I would love them to stay all I have is the neighbours the post-mortem is next week and I can arrange the funeral Nina had no life insurance I have the funds to do it she loved horses so that’s what I would like to choose I am so sorry for your loss my condolences goes out to you Thankyou for your message I need all the help and support I can get bless you also and stay strong x

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