My wife xx

How, do I carry on ?


Hello, All you can do is take one minute at a time & try to eat, anything will do & lots of hot drinks.

Speaking to the GP if you feel it would help?

Cruse have a helpline where you can get support.

Grief is so awful, all you can do is hold on tight.


Hopey, prayers are with you my friend.
6 weeks for me and only just had my darling wife’s funeral. Please take support from wherever you can, friends, family, counselling, support groups. Please don’t grieve alone.
May I ask how old was your dear wife?
Any children?


Hopey I am so sorry for your loss but please give us more details so that everyone here can support you

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Hopey so sorry for your loss, my husband is gone 10 weeks! Everything is so different, I try to get on with things, but at the start I didn’t know where to turn, couldn’t eat, still on sleeping tablets, but keep trying your best and hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel, big hugs!