My world has been torn apart

My wife died suddenly 3 months ago she was my rock my love my everything, I have family around me but feel so alone,especially at home I can’t bear the thought of moving any of her stuff yet I find myself touching her things and crying at the thought that she never will again, if I go out I feel I am leaving her behind and feel guilty and the need to go home, some people choose to live alone but when it’s forced upon you it’s a massive life changing experience.


Hi Jim, I am sorry you are in this awful place of grieving for your wife & everyone here knows the pain you are going through so you have come to the right place for support.
People who haven’t experienced this kind of loss don’t understand and although probably try to say the right things often make us feel worse.
I lost my husband 4 months ago and the messages of support and pointers of where to draw help from have been amazing. This journey is a lonely one for sure but when you need to express how you feel I am sure there will be many helping hands here in this forum to guide you.
Sending you my kindest of thoughts
Jen x


Thank you jen sorry for your loss as well and your advice x

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