My husband died 12 weeks ago and I am struggling so much. My tears won’t stop once they start. He had a heroic five year battle with cancer and I just can’t forget his last few days and what the cancer did to him. I am so fortunate in that I have a very loving supportive family around me and I know I have to be so glad for this.

I know I have to take small steps and take each day as it comes, but my grief is so painful and I miss him so so much.


My husband died four months ago after sixty years of marriage. Now that the nursing is over and we are left, what ever are we to do? I know just how you feel and it is beyond awful.

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Sending love @NannyE4. There is no easy way is there? My darling husband went out to play football as usual and never came home. The shock of his sudden death was terrible but I didn’t have to watch him go downhill. He died quickly and after doing something he loved.
As I say - no easy way to lose the love of your life. xxx


I am so very sorry Karen. Sudden loss must be devastating and you must be a lot younger than me. Love back to you sweetheart x

Dear @NannyE4 I am so sorry to read your post, I too lost my husband 4 months ago after a brave long challenge with cancer and it’s cruel tactics. It leaves devastating memories that takes its toll on us left behind and it hurts. You did your best to help your husband and your tears are expected. Take comfort from those around you while you come to terms with your loss.
Jen x

Thanks @Tansy. I wish we had been married 60 years but I know that doesn’t make the loss any easier to bear. As our vicar said when I said he died too soon at 60, she rightly pointed out that it would always be too soon. No time would ever have been enough which I am sure you feel. So sorry you have this loss to bear. xxx

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Oh Jen I am so sorry. Thank you for your message, you have expressed my feelings of loss exactly. X

Sending loving thoughts to you all this evening. Heartbreaking isn’t it? this existence we find ourselves in. Keep reaching out on here when you need some understanding as it really does help at times.
@KarenF your vicars comments really resonate with me after my husband collapsed suddenly and unexpectedly in front of me 6 months ago. I gave him CPR and paramedics arrived quick but he passed shortly after arriving at the hospital. Speaking one second, unconscious the next. It still doesn’t feel real. He was only 65 and we were together 30 years, so definitely too young and not long enough!
Wishing you all some peaceful and calm moments xx