Nan's passing

hi, my Nan has recently passed away, its fair to say i’m not coping very well, just wondered if you could give me any advice/tips on what i can do to get through these tough times.

Hi Connor,

I’m sorry that your Nan has passed away, it’s understandable that you feel you’re not coping very well. Have you any friends or family that you can reach out to for support? When my Mum died I felt like I would never be able to cope. I took each day as it came, allowing myself to grieve my way. There are no right or wrong ways to grieve and it does feel like you can’t cope at times…Be patient and kind to yourself, it all takes time to gradually start to move forward. How long ago did your Nan die? Keep posting on the forum as there are lots of really caring supportive members. Take care x

I find it hard to open up to my parents as I know how hard it is for them as well, so do t want to make them to feel worse, my Nan passed away on Thursday morning, thank you for the advice appreciate it

I remember when my Mum died the first few weeks were so tough. You focus on all the practical things that need to be done & sometimes forget your emotional needs. Everyone copes in their own way. You might find that your parents want to talk but think it might make it worse for you so they aren’t. If you wanted to actually talk to someone The Samaritans are always available to listen and that can really help x

Hi Connor I lost my nan on 12/03/2018.Im heartbroken just can’t stop thinking about how much I’m Guna miss her.She was like a mum to me too as she lived with us most of my life.It didn’t help that her funeral wasn’t until 3 weeks later 3rd April.I also feel like I’m struggling to talk about it as like you I feel I don’t want to burden my mum as she has lost her mum and don’t want to make it worse for her plus tbh I’m not very close to partner has been great and my friends but none of them have lost someone so close to them as nan was to me so I feel they don’t really understand.If you want to talk to someone who may understand what your going through msg me.hope your ok as ok as can be expected

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