National Day Of Reflection

Today is National Day Of Reflection and I just want to send you all lots of love.

I’ve reflected on Dad today and I’ve chatted to him, telling him I miss him. I’m trying to set up my small business in memory of him and dedicated one of my posts about him. I’ve not opened up on my Instagram business page about why I’m doing this business because I can’t find the right words nor the right time but today, something just felt right to give a little snippet about Dad for all of my followers to see and to have an understanding of why it is what I’m doing. It felt good, today’s kind of felt “good” in a calming, relaxing type of way.

It’s still only just over 9mths since losing Dad but I honestly believe he’s with me, guiding me, giving me the strength to carry on.

So, to all of us here struggling, just take 10minutes to sit with yourself (or others) and to reflect on your loved one who’s no longer here. Remember them, their little habits, their little annoyances (because we’ve all got them hehe), their favourite joke, story to tell, their favourite food…whatever it is, let it bring you some comfort. Hold that thought and let it flow freely. Go and make a cuppa in their favourite mug. Go and buy their fave choc and sit eating it, watching one of their fave films. Sit in their dressing gown, wear their socks or slippers. Go and find something today which will bring you warmth as you reflect and celebrate your time you had with them.

We can and we will get through the difficult times :purple_heart:


I’m sorry about your dad and your lovely words have motivated me to, get a cup of coffee in my husband’s mug now watching one of those police programmes he loved while eating a whethers original his favourite sweets.
Also just lit a candle and left it on my doorstep as it was his funeral 12 months ago today.
Thank you :purple_heart:

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Thankyou @Debbie57 I’m dreading when it reaches the 1yr mark :cry:
I’m glad this post brought you comfort and that you’re doing all of that, it must be bringing you comfort especially on the anniversary of his funeral, sending you lots of love for today :purple_heart: it’s a nice way to mark the year. I hope you can feel his presence around you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening :heart:


:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: yay!!! What a big step you made so so proud of you!!! And what beautiful words!!! Xxxxx

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@Lorraine89 :heart: I’m trying, baby steps are all I can manage but big big plans and as Dad always said “there’s no such thing as can’t” so I’m going to prove him right :purple_heart:

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