Hi I notice the world around me now more than i ever did,funny the sky,the birds,the wind,rain have been there forever,yet now they mean so much more and i stand and gaze longer,and i feel it,i planted various pots with different plants over the last 10 months,an olive tree in honour of my husband,a mini rose for my mam,a lavender for my brother and i have a large rose tree that my dad gave me over 20 years ago ,it has never flowered since my dad passed,i was told that my olive tree would not survive the harsh weather ,yet it is still in my yard ,still budding and growing and strong ,like the love i have for my husband gets stronger every day,nature has helped me through and i will continue to notice it and feel it all around me x


The natural world is one of my passions. I like to be in it, observe it, paint it, photograph it. I think that it can have such a peaceful, almost cathartic effect. I’ve been an active member of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for many years and they (we) have a very good network of sites and reserves. I’d be very surprised if you haven’t got a similar trust in the vicinity as its part of a national organisation. It doesn’t cost much to join but it can take things to a whole new level.
Have you ever seen the work of Robert Fuller. He is an artist and photographer and also a hero as he was prepared to act as a witness in a case involving badger baiting. He is based at Thixendale on the Yorkshire Wolds but much easier to look at his website.

Hi YorkshireLad yes i agree it has a way to healing and cleansing the mind,some relief from reality,peace among the chaos of life so to speak.I too paint on canvas,mainly acrylics and oils,though i do not profess to be good yet,just a beginner.Yes my area is County Durham and we have the Durham wildlife trust,there are 35 nature reserves from the Tees to the Tyne,i have up to now only visited a couple closer to me,Baal Hill a site of ancient woodland and Rainton meadows it used to be an open cast coal mine until partnered with Durham wildlife trust,so i do have many to visit.No i have not seen the work of Robert Fuller but i will definitely take a look at his website.I am hoping to see a stoat return this winter after snowfall as i saw it last year when it had changed to its lovely white coat,for the winter,its the first time i had seen that,so i will watch over the farmers fields behind my house,as snow is forecast here x

I love to see stoats. They are so amusing with their antics. I know one or two places with extra wide dry stone walls where they are known to live but there’s no guarantee of seeing one. I keep being told of otters on the stretch of the Wharfe below my house but still haven’t seen them. I often see deer in the woods or more correctly I see a white tail disappearing more often than not. When it snows and the night is clear I look for foxes crossing the fields… Moonlight on snow is great for spotting foxes, deer and even hares. I just love where I live for its proximity to fields, woods, river and Moor. I’ve never been to any reserves in Durham. I know Durham has some nice countryside. A lot of it was in Yorkshire until 1974 but we can afford to be generous. Lancashire got some nice areas as well. They probably needed it more.

I agree, nature is wonderful and such a tonic. I get so much enjoyment from watching the birds in my garden. I have given up a patch of garden to the birds, where I hang feeders and have planted berry trees - I call it the bird garden, would you believe?! I also appear to have a resident squirrel and I know most people would consider them pests but I am fascinated watching his antics and acrobatics.

How refreshing this thread is Robina, just to be given another focus - thank you.


Goodmorning Kate
Yes I have been watching the birds this morning,i salute the magpies,i dont think im overly superstitious,i started many months ago so i carry on doing it,i have a small yard ,would love a garden,but i have made good use of the small space and have many different pots with various small trees and plants growing.Yes i agree if you notice there is so much going on,the robin this morning was chasing the sparrows away,he just doesnt give in ,he thinks its his yard,yet he never feeds from the bird feeder,hes almost like a security guard protecting his property.Some people say oh you shouldnt feed the birds it attracts rats,and yes it can do,when the temperatures dropped about a month ago a small rat did visit for a few nights,i actually watched him one night from the kitchen window,he was having a great time crawling and swinging about the yard,thank goodness he went and never came back,i now bring the bird feeder in after dark and put it back out early morning.But like you i will continue to feed the birds.Yes i like squirrels,they are quite cute in my opinion,however many would disagree.I know some people would never take the time to just gaze and see nature going about its daily business,and we all have different interests,but like you too Kate,in our situation,its finding like you say a focus,not so much a distraction,that actually really warms you and makes you smile again.x

Good morning
Thank you for directing me to Robert Fullers website,i cannot believe i had not heard of him.His work is stunning to the eyes.He obviously has a passion for nature.Love the painting of the hedgehog,though they are a favorite of mine.I would love a piece from his gallery hanging on the wall.Just wish i could paint like that.And thank you to the good Yorkshire people for giving County Durham some of their lovely countryside,i wasnt aware of that either.Talking about deer,there is a deer park at Whitworth hall about 2 mile away from my home,its a beautiful place ,and the public hand feed the fallow deer,but it seems wrong to me as you mention you only get a fleeting glimpse of the deer in your area,but i think that is how nature intended it to be,at the deer park they have become so used to the public,so have lost their fear and sensitivity and shyness.x

Robert Fuller had a stall at Harrogate Christmas Market a few weeks ago and they were selling prints, cards and merchandise.
I know Whitworth Hotel and stayed at hotel when visiting friends in Teesdale and enroute to Northumberland. Traditionally the Tees is the boundary. People in Lartington, Romaldskirk and Cotherstone still celebrate Yorkshire Day. I was born over the hill in Swaledale.

Hi i have shown my daughter the Robert Fuller website,as she loves nature too,she thought the same,and loves his work,she found some work of his on Amazon and after Christmas she is going to treat herself,as she has 3 children that have wiped out her bank balance for Christmas.Yes i have been to Richmond and the River Swale it was a lovely place,very busy that day though.Also The Lake District National Park in the north west is a great place to explore,up to now i have been to Windermere ,Ullswater,my daughter walked Scafell Pike last month.