Navigating dating after the loss of a partner

Hi everyone,

I’m just curious how people have found dating after the loss of their partner.

For context, my husband passed in Dec 2019 after being together for 11 years. We were both just 29.

Covid then began in March 2020 and I was incredibly lonely. I started a new relationship in Sept 2020 which lasted nearly 3 years. I ended it in the summer as I knew he wasn’t right for me.

I am happy on my own but would like to have someone in my life again.

How have you found it? And any advice?

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Well it isn’t five years not even a year.
But I couldn’t it was too soon I mean actually see someone else and so I can only share what it felt like to have been asked.
I decided against it but didn’t want to lose keeping in touch with maybe I would when or if was ready.