Nearly 9 months on

I lost my mum suddenly in May last year (she had COPD which caused a cardiac arrest, despite CPR and ambulance turning up straight away she never woke up).

I’ve coped as best as I can all these months, mainly to be there for my dad as he was struggling the most. I went months without crying, but over the past couple of weeks I’ve dreamt about her (one of them was quite a horrible dream) and I’ve been getting flashbacks of the day it all happened, and vivid memories of her, and I’ve cried quite a bit. I thought I was doing well but lately I’ve just been missing her so much, I just want a cuddle off her more than anything and to hear her voice.

I’m getting envious of people who still have their mum as well, I’m 25 and never thought I’d lose my mum this young, she won’t be there when I get married or buy my first home or be there if I ever have kids. My heart is breaking all over again.

Hi Blondie9319,

I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your mum so suddenly last May. It sounds as though you’ve been really supportive of your dad. Often when you’re trying to support a loved one, your own feelings can get put on hold and it’s common to find yourself having a difficult time months later.

Have you got someone to support you? A close friend or another family member perhaps?

Keep talking to us here as long as it helps. There are others in this community who have experienced something similar and will understand what you’re going through, so you’re not alone.

Take care,