nearly 9 months

Hey all,

its going to be 9 months on the 12th that my beautiful nan passed :cry: im struggling so much im still on anti sickness tablets and keep crying all the time so bad the dr has put me on anti anxiety tablets. I try so hard everyday to think of positive memories but its uncontrollably painful :broken_heart: will this ever get easier? i would also like to say im having councilling and attend a bereavement cafe once a month. last week was my 47th birthday and i had a lovely time i was even laughing but then felt so guilty and then cried that night once i was alone. some days i dont wanna be here but my 2 beautiful daughters keep me going and my 2 cats. i write a journal to my nan everyday telling her what ive been doing as i write it im balling my eyes out. Im starting voluntary work soon as i want to keep busy as possible.

sending hugs to everyone

chelle x


Dear Chelle-luan, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It will take a long time to cope with any loss and you are doing fine by joining a bereavement cafe and also celebrating your birthday. Yes, there will be still a lot of crying involved, and times you are really down and sad but you are really good to do all these things. Sending you lots of love. Hugs from Anna

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Hi, awww thank you what a lovely message, im bi polar not that it matters but i suffer with depression and anxiety already. ive tried everything to keep positive. sending hugs to you too

love chelle xx