Nearly a year since I lost my dad

It’s coming up to the anniversary of my dad’s passing and I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. Too me it’s feels like yesterday and can’t believe it’s happened. My sister feels exactly the same way but my mum feels that we should just move on. This is something I just can’t do. A huge piece of my heart has been broken. He was my hero and best friend. I miss him so much. I could never move on. I think of my dad every second of every day. I just wish I could stop reliving all the bad memories of his last few months before he passed. I have returned to work just to try and do something positive in my life. The anniversary will be on good Friday and I just don’t know how I’m going to get through it. Having to put on a pretence for my mum is something I findhard to do. I can’t even go to the graveside. I wish I could to pay my respects but I just can’t face it. Maybe in time i hope to. I just can’t believe my dad is gone and just wish I could have one more minute to hug him and tell him how much I love him. In all my life I have never felt so lost and alone. I miss him immensely. Take care all

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I just lost my mum a week today feels like a blink of an eye. But remembering good times is helping and I know I’m at the beginning of my journey are you reading any breverement books?
Hugs I wish you happiness and peace and joy remembering your hero.

Dear Joey,

Sending you massive, massive hugs.

I lost my beloved Dad four months ago. It is important for you to honour your feelings, there is absolutely no need for your to hold up a pretence for your mom. It saddens me to read that she thinks you should move on. How can you ever “move on” from such a thing? You have to learn to live with it. That must just be her way of coping but she should not be impeding on your grief journey.

Take things in your own time. It’s okay to not want to go to his graveside just yet.

Take good care xxx

Hi daffodil

Thank you for your lovely kind words and for understanding. I’m so sorry for your loss to. At the moment I feel all over the place with my emotions and always feel like I have to be the strong one. Also I have a lot of issues dealing mentally what happened to my dad. It all happened to quick for me to even process what what going on and on occasions a lot of decisions were made without me. Thank you for taking he time to answer me. Sending you hugs to. Take care x

Hi, I’m so sorry for your loss. Having lost my Mum 4 years ago I thought that I had to be strong for my Dad & spent a lot of my time and energy focusing on him making sure he was ok. I neglected my own grief which was not the right thing to do. You need to feel ok to grieve and behave how you want to & not feel guilty about that. You shouldn’t feel the need to put up any pretence for anyone. Be kind to yourself and look after yourself. Take care