Nearly there

The end is in sight of clearing my dad’s bungalow. One tip run and one load of stuff to bring to mine. But while filling car with tip run last night me and my brother both admitted that reason taking so long to empty house is once the keys are handed back it won’t be dad’s house anymore. So been dragging heels bit… We are hopefully getting his ashes on Friday then we can lay home to rest with mum and my younger brother. Think it’s going to be hard day then when we spread his ashes. Still can’t sleep and appetite is non existant. Day to day is just a burr still.

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Hello Fer, hope things are beginning to work out and the worst is over for you and your brother. It’s nice that you have each other, hold onto that. Yes, giving back the keys or handing them over does give you the feeling that it’s the end but honestly it’s not. They will always be with us and be part of us, their earthly life may have ended but our love for them is always there. Enjoy their memories and rejoice in the love you have. Stay safe. S xxx